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We are situated at the heart of Sydney's nightlife, on the corner of George and Liverpool Street. You won't miss us. Simply give us a call to book your room!

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Our Rooms

We have private karaoke rooms of various sizes to suit your occasion, whether to celebrate a special moment in a big party or to let out the stress by singing your favourite tunes with your closest family and friends. All rooms are spacious so you can let your body move the beat!
Our Equipments

All of our 11 rooms are fashioned with large plasma LED TV's, stylish furniture, air conditioning, optimised surround sound and even vibrant laser lighting. We update our song list on a monthly basis so you can expect to find the popular tunes of today
Our Menu

We are a fully licensed venue. We hire fully accredited RSA certified staff to ensure you will have have the most enjoyable time in a safe venue! We offer a plethora of alcoholic beverages at the bar, ranging from fresh imported beers to mouth watering Korean raspberry wine.